About Us

Wings Over Soul is a business owned by me, Sherri Wasson. My primary objective is to raise the consciousness of this world, one Medicine Bag at a time.  All of my Medicine Bags are hand crafted by me and made with special, channeled intent from the angelic realm.  You pick the Medicine Bag and I will channel the rocks and herbs that are needed in your life at this time.  Or you can ask that I channel the Medicine Bag, the rocks and herbs that are placed in each bag.  All Medicine Bags are made in a sacred space, with no other energy but what is intended for each bag.

Wings Over Soul is all about helping people help themselves. By making handmade Medicine Bags that have been crafted with special intent and channeled for each person, this will help the individual with manifesting, health, being conscious in the now; help grow spiritually through inner work, give you inspiration, protection, safe travel and more. With my intent and your intent working together with the energies in the Medicine Bag, making the energy even stronger to help manifest or attract what is needed in your life.

My guides ask that since the energy is very high right now and we are having to move through inner work much faster, that I stop making them for just one thing. We are working on a lot of different things at one time.

Over serveral weeks this is the intent I heard in my Meditations.
Self love, standing in your power, speaking the truth, seeing through Illusions, grounding, clear thoughts, anything you are working on, to bring that forward, safe travel, manifesting, being clam, being in the now, abundance all of types, healing and anything your guides feel to bring in that is for your highest good, and of course whatever I hear when I am channeling the Medicine Bag for you or the person you are buying the Medicine Bag for.

Think about this “Where your intent goes, your energy flows.”

My handcrafted Medicine Bags displays great beauty and distinction, but also has meaning, that’s simply not present in bag of rocks found on the shelves of your local metaphysical store. When you want something special for yourself or someone else, think how much more meaningful it would be when your purchase has a genuinely unique quality about it. And when you give yourself or someone a handcrafted Medicine Bag from Wings Over Soul not only will it be specifically made for that person, but what goes into each Medicine Bag; The Intent, The Energy, The Love and each piece will carry a special meaning for that person.

Each piece of leather or suede, the charms, rocks, crystals that are used to make the Medicine Bag is purposely hand selected because there is something truly special about it, for that individual. First, the intent that is infused into every thread of leather as I make each Medicine Bag has a very high vibration, than the rocks and herbs that are channeled for that person creates an even higher vibration. It is an advantage that no machine can match.

We welcome your feedback about our products, along with any suggestions you may have as to what you would like to see us carry.

Wings Over Soul reserves the right at any time to modify any and all materials, policies, pricing, availability, content, descriptions, and information contained on this Site.