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Hi Sherri,

I just wanted to share a few of my experiences with you and others.

Over the summer, My son and I travelled to the East Coast to visit Family and Friends. We stayed in NJ and NY for Two weeks.
As you know, I love to play Golf whenever I travel. But unlike me, my son had never played real Golf anywhere in the country. So we decided
that on Fathers Day, to go golfing on a beautiful PGA Tour Golf Course in between NJ and Delaware. I had just purchased the Medicine Bags from you before the trip one for me and my son, but I had forgotten to take it with me to the Golf Course that day, and my son bought his. Again may I remind you that my son had never played on any course prior to that day. Out of all the players he ended up with the Lowest score of 78 ( which in golf is the better score ) at the end of the day. He put all of us to shame. When I asked him how he ended up doing so well, he replied ” DAD I didn’t forget my Medicine Bag “. So I strongly believe the whatever you had put into his bag, had made him concentrate better and he just was really
calm about his approach to Golf that day. Needless to say, He has been
carrying his bag with him everyday since, even to school due to fact that it has brought him lots of luck when it comes to sports.
So again, Thank you for your Medicine bags, as I feel that it has brought
us luck with our golf game and We just feel more protected when we have our bags with us.

Darioush Khaniani

Wings Over Soul

Thank you Linda, I am also blessed to have meet your family. Hope to see you and Nolan the next time you drive up to Sacramento, it is always a pleasure.


Sherri is an amazing soul and healer. My son has driven many miles to see her with incredible results. I got medicine bags for my daughter, son and myself. I keep with us, to protect and heal us in the absence of the real thing (Sherri). she “charges” each bag with her energy and I am blessed to carry her postive energy with me everyday!

Wings Over Soul

Had a great turnout and meet some wonderful souls last weekend. Thank you to all that stop by my booth…remember work with your Medicine Bags, we can accomplish anything we put of minds too. If you have any questions at all, post them here and I will answer you…


I have meet some wonderful people at my shows. I have learned from them and I am so blessed to have these gifts. I will be back in Walnut Creek October 5th and 6th.


I have purchased one of these medicine bags and I have noticed that I have been more grounded and balanced.
I highly recommend sherri, she also has a great heart and emails her clients to see how they are progressing.
Light and love


Sherri, sorry I missed your event. It sounds like it was an amazing day.

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog about Medicine Bags, Rocks, and, Crystals

When people want a little help attracting love, a relationship or even a friendship, they may have turn to a rock or crystal. Rose Quartz has been the stone of choice until a few years ago, but now the energy on the earth has accelerated to a much higher level, in turn this has changed some of the properties that each rock carries and even plants. Rose Quartz still carries those attracting properties but not at the same energy level as they once did when we were still in 3D.

Rhodochrosite is the stone of love and balance and carries this higher vibration which we need all three to attract the person that is for our highest good. If you are out of balance with self-love, self-happiness, setting boundaries with yourself and others, then you are not putting out the energy that will attract that special someone. Actually you would be attracting someone in lack.

Go back in your past,  see what wasn’t working in your past relationships and you will see a pattern, that pattern is most likely one of your lessons in this life that you keep ignoring, so it just keeps coming back bigger or louder until you get it. Acknowledge what you learned from that lesson, bless it with love and let it go.

Now go get a Rhodochrosite wear it next to your heart and put your attention there throughout the day. Remember where attention goes energy flows.

Let me hear your comments or if you have any suggestions on this topic.

Turlock Holistic Expo Saturday, Oct 5

This Saturday I will have a booth at the

modesto turlock psychic fair events

Turlock Holistic Expo

Saturday, Oct 5 10:00am to 6:00pm

Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock

FREE admission, FREE seminars, FREE entertainment!! This is a fantastic

day of fun! There’s a large market place with over 50 vendors…

Read more here: http://events.modbee.com/modesto_ca/events/turlock+psychic+fair#storylink=cpy