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Medicine Bags Channeled with Intent

Traditionally most Native Americans had a “medicine bag” which contained items that spiritually represented the person who wore it. Medicine bags can be small or large and can be worn around the neck, carried in your pocket, or tied to your belt loop. They are typically made of leather. The reasons to carry a medicine bag are for guidance, healing , mediation, manifesting, and  protection. My medicine bags always contain a quartz crystal as one of its objects. Quartz energy resonates with all the energies of the physical body and is considered a remarkable healing stone. It connects you to your spiritual self. Other items you might like in your medicine bag are items you may have found a special attraction to or resonance with in your life. For example a feather you found, or a piece of pine tree or roots and herbs that holds meaning for you. We often meet up with items that seem to be just waiting for us to pick them up and carry them home and then we don’t know what to do with them. This is one place to give them a home close to your heart. The essence of these special items creates energy in your medicine bag and that energy is the force that represents you. So by having a medicine bag that was created with intent and or channeled for you and working with your medicine bag, it is easier to manifest and bring these things into your life. The Medicine Bags that I channel for you hold rocks and sometimes other items, which you may need at this time in your life. You can pick out the medicine bag you would like made special for you and than I channel the rocks that are needed in your life at this time, or you can have me channel the medicine bag and rocks that are needed at this time. Medicine Bags made with intent: You pick your medicine bag and I channel the rocks. Medicine Bag Channeled: I channel the medicine bag and rocks. I normally get between 5 and 8 rocks that are needed at this time in your life.